Friday, April 30, 2010

..That Old Brown Vincci Heels..

Dah buruk baru sibuk2 nak amik gambar dia..

Will be thrown away due to it's condition, but i'd like to reminisce the good old days we spent together. It had been with me during those major and important moments in my life

1. I wore it when i first met future in-laws (now is officially in-laws) *tapi tak nampak plak dalam gambar ni

2. I wore it during my convocation 2006.

3. I wore it for the interview where i got my first Engineer job 2006. *yang ni tak de gambar - memang tak ambik gambar masa pergi interview tu. gambar-gambar masa kerja kat MTP pun dah tak dapat dikesan

Thanks for all those moments, I'll remember you :)


yatie chomeyl said...

pakai smp totally worn out..byk btul jasa kasut ni kan ;)

mygoldpen said...

mmg sgt2 berjasa, esp tuk org xbyk collection kasut ni..sedih pulok nk berpisah, sentimental tetibe..