Sunday, May 23, 2010


"i am the master of my fate..
i am the captain of my soul.."

Movie yang sangat touching - directed by Clint Eastwood. I truly adore Nelson Mandela - he has vision, that no one else can see nor understand, which in the end had united his country.

He had believed that rugby can solve the racism problem in his post-apertheid country. It startes masa dia pergi tengok a rugby match between South Africa and England, dia nampak pattern penyokong kat stadium tu - white people sokong South Africa team while black people supported any team which played against the South Africa (known as Springboks). This is due to the black South-African believed that the team still represent apartheid as there was only one non-white player in it.

Mandela (played by Morgan Freeman) insisted on remaining the whole team. He then invited the team captain, Francois Pienaar (Matt Damon) to have tea with him - to inspire him and his team to win the World Cup, because by winning, they can bring the nation together. He also instructed the team to go on tour to play with rural (mostly black) kids to teach them to play rugby. Sangat sweet and the moment was indeed beautiful masa diorang pergi ajar budak-budak tu.

The team made it to final despite all expectation that they would only manage to quarter-final . And a few days before their big game against New Zealand's All Black - they're brought to Robben Island where Nelson Mandela's had been prisoned for 27 years. I did cry watching this, sedih tau tengok bilik penjara yang kecik, yang hanya ada tilam dan satu kerusi T_T. Pastu ditunjukkan jugak Mandela buat kerja berat dekat kuari. 27 years - I just can't imagine...

South Africa team won the final. Saya suka part yang one black kid dekat luar stadium. Mula-mula dia cuba curi dengar game dari radio kereta polis, pastu kena marah ngan polis tu. Tapi lama-lama makin dekat dengan the white policemen, pastu siap boleh share-share air. Bila menang, polis-polis tu siap dukung-dukung budak tu. Sweet and deep.

To me, Nelson Mandela is truly a leader. Memang semua rakyat bersatu tak kira warna kulit masa tengok final game tu.

Not sure movie ni ada tayang tak kat Malaysia. But this is so worth watching.

P/S : I think Morgan Freeman does look like Nelson Mandela, doesn't he?
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