Sunday, May 16, 2010

..Mr Thomas didn't return to Malaysia..

So Malaysia lost to China 3-0 in semi-final. And China still got to keep Mr Thomas. Congratulation to them.

I didnt have any comment about that. Honestly, since Thomas Cup 1998 (yes, Malaysia lost 3-2 in final to Indonesia that year in Hong Kong), I didnt watch badminton anymore. I've heard about the point format change from 15 per set to 21, and read somewhere back then that Malaysia players couldnt cope with the new format time, but I couldnt care less.

So I guess this kinda my first time watching the game in the new format. I know, I know. So ketinggalan zaman.

To me, I prefer the old format. Haha. Simply because of the 'drama'. Dulu kita biasa tengok pemain yang ketinggalan, let's say 14-2, to still possibly win the set. It was good to watch the fighting spirit. Tengok players yang ketinggalan kejar point, samakan point and menang the game. It was so thrilling. But not anymore.

The game is too fast for me to enjoy it nowadays.

Well, it's just my personal opinion - someone who probably wont watch any badminton game anymore after this, unless Malaysia make it to final in Thomas Cup or Olympic Game.

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