Wednesday, February 9, 2011

..Mari Mengeja - Centre vs Center..

Hari tu bertekak 'manja' (hukhuk) dengan En Hubby bila lalu kat depan Centre Point Kemaman.

En Hubby : Bukan ke spelling dia C-E-N-T-E-R?
Me : Mane pulak...betullah spelling tu. C-E-N-T-R-E.

The argument went on sampai topik tertukar dengan sendirinya, with Hubby and me both still convinced with our own answer.

A few days after saya tiba-tiba teringat pasal argument itu, maka saya Google. Barulah, "Owh, gitu rupanya.."

Saja nak share to those who confused macam saya:

1.British and American English differ in vocabulary, pronunciation, and spelling on a great number of words.
2.Centre is the British spelling of the word that is spelled center in America.
3.Both centre and center refer to the middle of objects, meeting places, and certain sporting positions.
4.Sometimes, depending on the context, you will see centre being used in America and center being used in Britain, but these usages are rare and often considered affected by their fellow countrymen.

So, Bee, neither of us is actually wrong, ok? :P It's just I'm so British, u're so American? Haha.


.::MRS SUHAIDI::. said...

Mcm mommy vs mummy...heheh

mygoldpen said...

hehe..byk betul kekonpiusan kan..