Saturday, April 14, 2012

..Reasoning Things..

CAUTION: This is just me rambling over nothing , so feel free to skip this.

I noticed lately my entries sounded 'grumpy' and 'angry'. I've tried to stay positive but I guess lately i have too much anger inside :(

And I slept a lot, too. Feeling down and feeling sleepy all the time. And the PMS thingy just made it worse. At some point, I saw me laughing at myself - preaching about being positive but at the same time I'm just an angry person.

I told En Hubby my inner conflict and he agreed I need a break from everything since he understood my surroundings nowadays are not helping at all. I hope our next get-away will make me calmer. Aside from that, I know I just need to focus on the happy things - I have tons of reasons to be happy, anyway.

And most importantly, I know Allah is always with me. And He equips me with these beautiful people (my husband, my family) for my strength. Isn't that the main reason to be happy?

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