Tuesday, April 17, 2012

..127 Hours..

Been watching lots of true story-based movies lately - but this one is my top favourite. Although I watched it several times, I still could not get myself to watch the amputation scene. Ngeriiii!!!

After watching the movie, I googled and youtube-d Aron Ralston. I wanted to watch the real video he made during the trapping and I found this: http://youtu.be/NerTo86BE9w

I also found out that they made a documentary - Desperate Days in Blue Canyon *boleh carik kat You Tube - ada 6 parts altogether.

However, in the documentary, he only allowed the TV network to air the video of the first recording he made (which was on the second day) and only the audio version for the rest of his tape because 'it's too upsetting for his family and friends to see"

Btw,James Franco is so believable in the movie and the songs are awesome!

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