Sunday, April 15, 2012

..Divider Dilemma..

The thing that I love doing - home deco. At some point, berangan nak jadi interior designer lah pulak. Ha-ha. But who doesn't? I'm pretty sure that's everyone's dream job. Anyways, currently I'm quite occupied with this stuff, well, actually, occupied on carik-and-kumpul-idea of home deco design. So one of the major things need to be thought of is the space divider - to divide the living hall and dining hall.

This is quite tricky for me - given the small space. After some 'researching' here and there, I've narrowed down the choices to these 5:

This would be my choice, but, like I said - our space will be limited so I'm going to have to ditch this style. Nanti rumah nampak makin sempit. Like Eric Leong said - for small space, opt for space divider yang jenis 'nampak tak nampak'.

Kalau style macam ni - tapi tiang-tiang tu susun kat hujung je instead of centre macam picture ni ok jugak. Tapi dah banyak rumah buat style ni kan. I don't really like doing something yang dah ramai orang buat, so maybe not this one.

I don't love this idea but being considerate to En Hubby's hobby, I've included this aquarium style. BUT, when I ask hubby's opinion about this one, he replied sarcastically "Banyak duit?". Hah, there goes his share dalam perkongsian idea....

I actually love this hanging style so much. I think it's super-cool. But I'm not sure what type of material is this. And I'm not sure if this type suitable if there are kids around. Kalau jenis kain, confirm kena tarik-tarik. kalau jenis keras (wood, plastic. composite etc), kang terhantuk pulak.

This is the current type we're applying kat rumah sewa ni - using string curtain (excuse the messy house). Tapi tulah, since dah berapa tahun dengan style nih, konon-konon nak apply style lain pulak kat rumah baru nanti. However, it would save us some money to re-use this.

Adoiii..So indecisive.

So for now, I'll leave it here first. Will have to re-visit the choices again.


___Mrs Suhaidi___ said...

i vote for #4(ni mcm smart jek, rase nk apply kt living room jgk hehe) & second choice is #1(lain dr yg lain) gudluck dear :)

mygoldpen said...

Smart owk?jadila kot hanging style ni..nk g survey2 harge plop :) tq..