Saturday, April 7, 2012

..Of Reading Stuff..

1. I love reading self-help books.

2. And magazines. Well, masa bujang dulu baca CLEO. Lepas kahwin, baca Women's Weekly and Her World. Despite the fact that I am no fashionista, I just couldn't miss a single issue. Tak tahu kenapa macam tu - maybe I just love the idea of having the idea - instead of applying them. Until lately, I've stopped buying those magazines. I guess I just have to be sensible, beli mana yang perlu jelah. So just proceed with home interior design and photography magazines.

3. And recently, there's a 'development' in my reading habit - I've started to purchase some novel (by some, I mean 2 novels dalam masa 8 bulan hahaha). I don't even know or care whether it's the best-selling ones by top authors and what-not, yang penting harga dia lebih murah compared to others on the shelf :p The main reason for me to start reading novel is that I think novels improve and enhance my vocabulary more compared to self-help books.

These two were my first two novels I purchased so far in my life (please don't laugh at me).
The Lucky One tu beli last month and baru baca the very first page (praises for the novels). Hmm..agak susah nak start baca novel.

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