Sunday, April 22, 2012

..Life Is A Series of Count-Downs..

To me, it is.  In fact, that's what keeps me enthustiastic (*hope I spell it right).  It's really motivating to have some things to look forward to.

Zaman belajar, count down towards exams and the most exciting count-downs were towards balik kampung!!

Zaman dewasa lagi banyak count-downs kot.   The work deadlines, the vacations (sometimes), some special events (engagement and wedding day) and still has the balik-kampung-count-down.  In fact, as for me, semua benda, even for the small matter pun, i'd do the count-down :p

Speaking of which, can't wait for our so-called 'honeymoon' this coming Thursday *barulah rasa seronok nak Monday kan :)

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