Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Songs and Moments #1 [Temani Aku]

We all have that song(s) that specifically remind us of one specific moment every time we listen to it, right?

I have a few. Well, actually, a lot. So I'm going to make a list out of it in this blog.

#1 -  Temani Aku by Sheila on 7

Layaknya gelap malam
Yang indah karna bintang

Layaknya sang penyair
Yang elok karna puisi

Bagiku kau bintang
Selayaknya puisi
Tetaplah di sini peri kecilku

Bagiku kau bintang
Selayaknya puisi
Temani aku selamanya

This song reminds me of my journey with my family all the way from Terengganu to Penang the day before USM registration day back in 2002.

It was a very long journey.

My father played the SO7 album on the cassette player almost the whole journey. Yes, he liked SO7, too, influenced by me ehehe.

So every time I listen to it I'd remember how the 6 of us cramped in one car for more than 12 hours, the highways, the stops, the "are-we-there-yet" feelings.

And there were no Waze or Google Map whatsoever back then so, once we reached Penang, Abah had to ask around on how to get to Nibong Tebal.

I have to admit the memory was a little vague now, well, it's been 15 years. But some songs will never get old, right?


f a r i n a said...

Cool nya, ayah kau suka so7! sangat win!

mygoldpen said...

ehehe..tapi kaset2 tu aku punyalah..dia pasang je..