Wednesday, April 12, 2017

..The Loss..In Memory Of A Friend..

I found this in draft section, it was something that I didn't finish writing back in the year of 2012.

So I think I'm publishing it, well, 5 years later. The original writing is in bold, blue, italic font.

*Started writing this on 19th May.
I might take a few days to finish writing this.
Don't really know how to start *sigh. It's just that, in my heart right now, I feel ...
I guess in a way, I just have to let it out, anyhow.
I lost a friend yesterday.
I've known her for more than two years. We've been lunch buddies for the whole period.
Last Tuesday I noticed she was not well. I saw her shivered and her face was pale. I did tell her to go back, go to clinic but she refused. She didn't have lunch that day, she wrote me a note that afternoon telling me she wanted to rest in surau.
She even did OT until 6pm, waiting for her husband to fetch her.

What I can still remember, she was admitted to hospital that night. And passed away the next Thursday. Everybody was so shocked because it happened so quick.

She was unconscious when we visited her. We were ready to go back to office after the visit when we received the call from her husband notifying us that according to doctor, there was no more hope for her.

So we all rushed back to ICU and we were there during her last breath, when the doctor shut down all the support machines. It felt so surreal at that time because I just talked to her 2 days before that.

But that's one thing about death. When it's time, it's time. Not even one second sooner or later.

Al-fatihah to my dear friend. May Allah bless your soul.

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