Thursday, November 12, 2009

..some thing(s) to dream about..

has fallen in love with this and fell even deeper whenever i see him on highway hari-hari pergi and balik kerja..but, terpaksalah memendam perasaan. *xtau lah kenapa i sangat suka bulky2 vehichles macam ni..
*sigh...dont know will i ever own you?

although these three sweethearts are still in my heart but it's not practical when one day i become a mom to ride in any of these..

Nissan Skyline GTR R35:

Mazda RX8:

Honda NSX:


wakakak..terus terbangun dari mimpi.

despite these angan-angan, in fact, i'm more than happy with my current ride - Blackie (ok, i didnt name my car, i just thought of it while writing this. in fact, i dont really have much connection with it - i rarely wash it. sian dia huhu).

Belilah barangan buatan Malaysia :)

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