Sunday, November 7, 2010

..Entri Tertunda : Mak Abah's Departure for Haji..Part II

Ok, sambungan.

Aisya & Tok Abah

Friendly Aisya pergi tegur and salam-salam kawan baru :)

Of course there were teary moments which were successfully captured by the paparazzis tapi tak nak letak gambar-gambar itu.

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Mak Abah on the big screen.

Later that evening, I went to the airport (with En Hubby, MIL, SILs and BIL) again when Mak Abah informed that there were 'rumors' the flight will depart at 640 pm, which was not. Sapela yang buat rumors tu ek..

Ramai jugak orang yang nak tengok flight berlepas ni hehehe.

That was my hand, waving at the plane :(

The plane took off at 8pm.

Mak called the day after at 630am Malaysia time to inform they had safely arrived in Jeddah and will be taking bus afterwards to Madinah.

At this present moment, Mak Abah already in Mekah. We all miss our parents so much. Last Friday I called Mak, she was having flu. Really hope Mak will get well soon.

Mak Abah will be coming back on this 2th of December. Until then, let's pray Mak Abah diberikan kesihatan yang baik dan dipermudahkan semua urusan.


.::MRS SUHAIDI::. said...

Really miss 'em n hope they r recovering..can't wait for dis 2nd dec..

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same2 kita doa yer...

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