Tuesday, November 16, 2010

..Welcoming Airiss Soffeya..


Arggh, entri tertunda lagi...

This is Buyan's second daughter. This lil' angel was born on 31st October. And this pic was taken when she was almost 2 hours young. *I was among the earliest ones to see her..bangga2. And she looked exactly like her sister, Aisya.

Dear Soffeya (or Soyya as per Aisya calls her),

Welcome to the family. Can't wait to see you grow up ad team up with your sis, being cheeky and adorable together. Really can't wait :)

You also can call me "Kakak" like your sister calls me - I won't mind heheheh.

And you should know one thing, you're the reason my fever got 'kebah' that day. Yup, the moment I heard about your birth, suddenly my fever all went away :)

Right now, I can't wait to see you this 2nd Dec.

And to Buyan, walaupun berpantang sendiri, jangan mengelat-ngelat yer :P Takecare dear...


.::MRS SUHAIDI::. said...
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.::MRS SUHAIDI::. said...

Tq...n its not easy being in confinement w/o mak...T_T...neway correction;her name spell this- Airis Soffea :)

mygoldpen said...

alamak, mcm mne la sy leh salah eja ni...rasenye ari tu yn kate nk eja 'Soffeya' sy kate xsedapkn, ni sy plak eja gtu :P Mesti sbb aisya panggil soyya la ni...hihihi