Tuesday, November 16, 2010

..Recipe Card Box..

I don't cook that much, and in fact my One Week One Recipe project sudah mula terbengkalai.

But anyway, I just love the idea of having a Recipe Card Box, you know, the one like Bree, Katherine and Angie in Desperate Housewives have. Nampak macam cool je flipping over cards when searching for recipe.

Besides, recipe collection will be more organized because normally, everytime I call my mother for a recipe, I would just scribble the ingredients on any paper I can find at that moment and of course, lepas tu hilang.

Or even if I write it down in my organizer, every new year when the organizer needs to be changed then the problem occurs again.

So I went to Yahoo and found a few examples:
I love this one the most:

I think I need to find one. Maybe that is another way to motivate myself to cook.


.::MRS SUHAIDI::. said...

kalau jmpe,belikan saye satu!nice!

mygoldpen said...

ye, sy mesti akn belikn kamu :)