Saturday, July 3, 2010

..1st Half of 2010..

Huh, time does not fly anymore these days - it speeds!!!

Hari tu Hitz ada discuss pasal topik ni. Something like - what have you done/got for these 6 months of 2010.

Me? Not much. Except for a few days before June ended, I officially got myself a customer for my so-called part-time business *big grin. It's not really a thing that I actually planned through but bolehlah buat side income sikit-sikit.
*And for my future reference, the date was 24th June'10.

Well, on the other hand, actually I also did start my Tupperware business 3 months ago. Oklah jugak for someone yang tak pandai nak pung pang pung pang promote macam I ni. Biasanya I bagi tengok catalog jek, kalau diorang nak beli, belilah. Tak nak beli pun tak apalah. I didn't apply any aggressive approach haha. Kira kalau I tunjuk katalog kat 5 orang, 3 orang akan nak beli, oklah. Alhamdulilah.

Ni belum pergi ambik kempen baru sempena Ramadhan. Ada sapa-sapa nak order Tupperware for Raya? *sempat pulak promote kuikuikui...

So my this year's resolution to start a part time business seems accomplished. Now it's time to maintain it.

I'm still hoping to get a photography job, tho'. Wish me luck, pals :)

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