Sunday, July 4, 2010

..Love Songs - Not Available..

I'm working on a 'project' where I need to come out with sweet and romantic love phrases. But I guess my 'creative' mind does not work that way anymore, so I won't waste my time trying to create them on my own.

So I try to look for the lyrics collection that I have *dulu memang suka mengumpul lirik-lirik lagu but I have a problem that I didnt really collect *and listen to sweet and romantic love songs.

Yang banyaknya lagu-lagu frustation, anger and rage. Huhu, negatif betul..Positif punya ada jugaklah - tapi bukan love songs, more to humanity and inspirational songs. Ada jugaklah lirik-lirik sweet from Indonesian band but unfortunately, I'm looking for English phrases.

Mana mau carikk...

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