Tuesday, July 6, 2010

..Me, myself and my flabby arms..

Balik kampung hari tu, Mak cakap saya dah gemuk sikit.

Well, it supposed to be a good new, yelah, berisi sikit as in nampak sihat lah kan. But my mind couldnt take it that way.

I found myself keep 'measuring' and 'weighing' my flabby arms and big thighs after that. And of course En Hubby had to be the victiom of my "Saya gemuk ke" question which he constantly (and patiently?) answered "Tak"

Dia memang dah tau dah kalau jawapan dia "Ya", wifey nya ni akan meroyan.

Since I dont have any dumb bells yet, I use my 1 litre bottles as the substitute to dumb bells workout everyday. Well, I think it's time for dumb bells shopping.

Quite 'fortunate' that I have gastritis - I can't aford to skip meal nowadays. I even have to eat like every 3 hours or else my stomach will hurt so much. Hah - that maybe the reason! Huhu, like I said, nasib baik jugak ada gastric problem ni - kalau tak, mesti I dah diet gila-gila nih.

I also have to blame En Hubby for always coming home late that we have to have dinner after 8.

*tak pasal-pasal nak salahkan macam-macam.



.::MRS SUHAIDI::. said...

u r damn lucky...how i hate everytime people told me im skinny...:(

mygoldpen said...

lucky?hmm..i think we must exchange body..