Saturday, July 9, 2011


I think as we grow older, we'll find things to believe - for whatever reasons, and we will decide to stick to it. And at some point the belief would be so firm, it's hardly get moved by anything else, regardless it's wrong or right.

Somehow or rather, we'll interpret things relatively to what we believe.

Contoh. Cuba kalau cakap kat orang-orang yang join 'certain' MLM - yang bisnes diorang tu pyramid scheme ke apa ke, nanti dia akan jawab "Carta organisasi company untuk orang yang makan gaji pun pyramid scheme jugak"

See? Our judgement will be bias, I guess we'll believe only things we want to believe, we'll only see things we want to see in the end.

So, seriously, there's no need to argue. Tak berbaloi kata orang lain bodoh. If you're smart enough I guess you won't label others as 'bodoh' kot.

Why bother trying to persuade others to believe the same thing that you do?

It's a free country.

Or not.


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