Tuesday, July 26, 2011

..Happy 2*th Birthday Dear Sis..

To my bestest friend, Tengku Nurul Izyan whose birthday is today,

Happy birthday, hope you're having a wonderful day today..
May Allah bless you and your family always..
May all your dreams come true..

You know, I'm just so glad and lucky that this wonderful person happens to be my sis :)

We have to celebrate this coming raya, okay?

Lastly, *sing with Aisya's style "Yuyu, Buyan..."



___Mrs Suhaidi___ said...

tq sis,act yan lah d one yg sgt2 lucky to have u as my sis...thanx for everything!!!(x tertulis segala jasa2 & kebaikan along kat sini, but Allah saja mampu membalasnya)

owh btw,really enjoy my bday!!nnt yan update citer,insyaAllah...:)

janji tau celebrate raye ni k...

luv u so much....

mygoldpen said...

oh tidak, i don't think i'm a gud sister at all :(

btw, cepat2 update...xsabar nk bc, n xsbr jgk nk celebrate nnt :)