Friday, July 22, 2011

..Kitty Cat..

This is out of terrible guilt.

I ran over a kitty cat this morning :(

I didn't know she's under my car - I never cheched that before. I thought it's a cats nature to get away from the car when they hear the engine started.

I feel so bad, crying all the way to work.

Although I really don't keep it, but having her around did make our day.

A few days before En Hubby found her twice in his car's engine bonnet. As we laugh hillarously, she looked at us as if wondering what are these two human laughing so hardly at. I wanted to take picture of that, but Hubby said 'next time'.

But there's no more next time :(
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___Mrs Suhaidi___ said...

i really2 understand how does it feel,sis...n lg sedih yan sempat snap pic kitty yg yan langgar tu a few weeks before the incident....:( kite bukan sengaja....dah ajal dia...jgn pkr sgt k sis...lepas ni kena lebih hati2 la...biase yan blow kuat2 minyak bg dia lari...hehe...

mygoldpen said...

tq buyan...tu arr, alg pk gitu gk...xsengaje kn..huhu..
thanks for the tip..nnt sy pn nk blow minyak kuat2 la..