Wednesday, July 27, 2011

..Job-Hunting Tips..

Well, I'm not an expert what-so-ever, but I just feel like sharing. So, for all soon-to-be fresh graduates, I hope this will help. I'm not to talk about what skills you need to have, confidence level or tips for interview - I think you had that lecture enough.

So, the two things that fresh graduates need to equip themselves with:

1. Driving license - although most of us won't have car once we graduate, but I found it essential to have driving license, I mean, at least you are prepared to buy a car right after working for 3 months (well, since most banks need 3 months payslip and most of car dealers have free-down-payment promotion for fresh graduates).

Yes, you'll suffer for the first three month of your career but at least you don't have to worry about taking driving class or passing JPJ test at this stage of your life. So please get the license while you're still studying, before you graduate. Get a job during semester break to pay for the license fee, or whatever, figure out the way, no excuse!!

Because I once involved in employing new staff, the question my superior asked when I recommended a friend "Does she has transport?", "Does she has driving license?" and "Can she drive?". A "No" answer to each of these questions definitely decrease the chance of employment.

2. Be flexible - this one is crucial. If you can't stand being away from home sweet home, then just be prepared for the unemployment world. Do whatever it takes, , be far away from hometown on your own, rent a room even with strangers, well, just sacrifice first. Once you have the experince then most probably you can apply a job anywhere you want. Eventually.

These two reasons I always hear from those who are yet to find a job that best suit their qualification "Tak de transport" and "Jauh". Sometimes they decided to turn down a job offer just because of these two things. Sounds trivial to some of us, but believe me, some people let these trivial things stop them from what getting what they deserve.

So, in case you just googled "Job-Hunting Tips" and found this blog, good luck to you :)

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