Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I remember on 9th july, I got so engaged in front of this lappy, browsing facebook, you tube, twitter and what not, trying to review and understand things from both sides.

And I guess En Hubby found me so serious that day, he asked ""Buat apa tu? Seriusnya dari tadi". So I answered, "Berpolitik"


I know some people don't care, but I do. A little too much, maybe. Owh, it's actually one of my 100-things-to-do-before-I-die things. To be involve directly/indirectly.

And on the other hand, thanks to BERSIH event, photography wise - I have an idea of what kind of pictures I want to capture. I kind of lost interest once I bought the DSLR, but now I think it's quite clear to me. But I'll talk about that once I start capturing 'it'.

Good night (or morning).

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