Monday, July 18, 2011

..Lip Treatment That Works..

Hmm... Agak tak percaya - me reviewing a beauty product?? I even have to add another label "Beauty" for this blog hehehe.

But good things need to be shared, right?

I think I've mentioned a few times in my previous posts that I have this flaky, dried and chapped lips since - forever. Dah banyak jugak lips products yang dalam affordable range saya cuba - Vaseline, LipIce, Banana Boat, Maybelline, but nothing works :(

I even tried Clinique Vitamin C Lip Smoothie, tapi sama jugak. The applied layer akan jadi kering dan mengeringkan lagi bibir saya.

Lipstick was a big no-no for me.

Plain water memang saya minum lebih kurang 3liter satu hari, but still my lips are not improved at all. Sedih sangat and rasa give up :(

Sebelum jumpa produk yang OK ni, I tried Aloe Lip Treatment from BodyShop, but sadly, tak jalan jugak.

Tapi I dh tak tahu nak try apa lagi, so I decided nak beli jugak lagi for the second tube, but fortunately that time, the promoter at BodyShop suggested these two when she looked at my super-dry lips. So I guess I should give it a try.

Lip Care:


Alhamdulillah, the LipCare works wonder on me. It moisturizes my lips well, no dried layer anymore, unlike the previous lip care products. Normally, every morning I apply Lipscuff dulu to remove the dead cells, then only apply the Lipcare. Tapi I selalu kena apply Lip Care tu, like every hour kalau duduk dalam air-cond. But that's OK, asalkan tak kering lagi. I dah try ni dalam sebulan, so far memang OK.

Since I have the worst lips problem in the world, I think whatever products that work for me would work well for others, too.


___Mrs Suhaidi___ said...

sis...nk rekemen satu magic serum...nnt balik raye i bg satu....

mygoldpen said...

dh tgk lilnk tu, yg mane satu nk rekemen tu :P