Sunday, July 3, 2011

..Dark of The Moon..

Dasyat kan penangan movie ni.. Mula-mula we planned to watch 3D version, tapi semalam, survey punya survey, almost all cinemas are full-house, then we have to settle for non-3D at MBO Taman U.

Since we bought 1230 am ticket, dah macam nak balik kampung pun ada - siap tido dulu sebelum pergi cinema hehe.

For me, I enjoyed watching it despite my interest nowadays are no longer into action-pack genre. But I don't adore the heroin (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) much since she's all that supermodel type of girl - I find that character is not real. With all the sci-fiction characters of Autobots, Sentinel, Megatron blabla, at least I wish that the human characters would look more 'real'. Even En Hubby said Megan Fox is more preferable. *And dia dapat cubitan percuma selepas komen itu dibuat haha

Lepas ni maybe kami akan pergi tengok 3D pulak bila demam Transformers ni kurang sikit nanti.


___Mrs Suhaidi___ said...

ish ish ish....dh get infected jgk yer...

mygoldpen said...

hehe..iyerla,tjangkit sudah..